“Bethlehem Express” was established in March 2006 by George G. Handal who was awarded his BA degree in ‘Accounting’ from Bethlehem University in June 2000 owns it. He was employed for several years in well-known and highly reputed companies in the field of Shipping, Logistics and Express Mail. George obtained several certificates in different subjects and he is now well known by many clients in the West Bank as well as in Jerusalem.

Following is a brief description of our company and its various services.
Freight: The office provides special offers for Sea, Air, and Land freights from/to countries all over the world (such countries which our country can deal with).
Logistics: The office can clear all shipments from any port (Ashdod, Haifa, King Husein, Sheikh Husein).
Transportation: We can deliver any shipment from any port to any area in the West Bank cities and Gaza.
Express Mail service (EMS): This is a worldwide door-to-door postal service by which we can easily and safely ship food, products and gifts to your families, friends, and customers.
Normal Mail and Mail Box: Our Company offers you a Normal mail service, through Jerusalem, at a very good rate. This is an excellent service for outgoing mail that does not need to be delivered that fast. In addition our office provides you a Mail Box for your incoming mail. By this means, you will receive your mail as safely as Express Mail Service would offer.
Packing service: Excellent packing is offered for any kind of Shipment ranging from small shipments up to house and office furniture.
Domestic Services: This offers you an easy way of delivering any parcel from/to Bethlehem, to any other cities in the West Bank, Gaza and Israel. This is done at a very reasonable rate for small products as well as for pallets and big shipments.
United Parcel Service “UPS”: By selling you this kind of service we offer a secure and an express mail to countries all over the world including Arab Countries like Jordan, U.A.E, Egypt and others. This is an excellent service for mailing your important documents.
VIP-Service: This service will take you from and to any place in the West Bank and ISRAEL and to the main Borders Such as the bridge, The airport and to Ariz on the same day. This could be excellent for meetings, bids as well as medical and health services.

All interested customers can be assured that “Bethlehem Express” has the capability to offer professional and express delivery service throughout the world. Try us once and we shall come up to your satisfaction, thus making you our customer forever.

For any comments or questions
please contact us at:

Bethlehem Express
791 Bethlehem-BeitSahour St.
P.O.Box 613, Bethlehem
West Bank- Via Israel
Tel; 02-2748141
Fax: 02-2748127